David Platt Storyline: Have YOU been affected?

The next few weeks will see Coronations Streets David Platt enter into a storyline involving male rape that will leave some viewers undoubtedly uncomfortable.

However in choosing to tackle this issue the soap is taking action in highlighting such a sensitive subject.

In a telling move, Corrie will not directly air the distressing scenes, but will however address the aftermath of the incident. This is why at 33 Legal we feel it is an important part to highlight as the support the victim receives following an incident of this nature can be vital in shaping their future and enabling them to move forward.

There is nothing that can ever compare or fully compensate from such an experience, and understandably there are the blameless victims of these crimes that can be left unaware that actually they can claim compensation. They may also even need other services, such as mental health or support groups.

At 33 Legal this is where we differ and where we come into our own. We look at the victims individual needs and can appropriately signpost them to another service should they so require. Most of all what we can do is be that supportive ear and, with full confidentiality, ensure that victims are aware of the compensation they could be entitled to.

If you know anyone that has been affected by the issues surrounding this story then please do call us on 01772 958 006 or message us via our social media


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