Operation Sanctuary: A 33 Legal perspective

A review has been conducted in light of Operation Sanctuary where  18 people were jailed for the sexual abuse of young women groomed in Newcastle.

The review has found that there has been an extensive abuse of vulnerable women in the area for some time.

According to the BBC:

“Vulnerable women are most likely being “extensively” abused across the UK and ministers need to urgently review sex exploitation laws, a report says.”

Also the BBC then go on to say:

“Mr Spicer, who carried out the serious case review for the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults and Children Boards, said it was clear “adults were being targeted, groomed and exploited” as well as children.

But he said authorities did not have the powers to intervene with adults to stop them “making bad choices” or forming “inappropriate relationships”.

He said: “Vulnerability is not determined by age and it is likely that extensive abuse of vulnerable adults is taking place across the country unrecognised.”

Operation Sanctuary started in 2014 after a 21-year-old woman with a learning disability told police she had been a victim of sexual exploitation over a long period.

Further reports from two 19-year-old women “confirmed” sexual exploitation was a much larger problem in Newcastle “than previously recognised”.

Mr Spicer said the operation had proved successful but it was only when Northumbria Police and other agencies like Newcastle City Council started looking for the issue they found it.”

This sheds light into a problem that is nationwide. Here at 33 Legal our experience means we can ensure anybody who requires our help and services receive the best care possible. Supporting the claimant is of the utmost importance to us, as we want to make sure they have access to all the services they may need but we also want to see them receive the maximum compensation they can possibly achieve.


Read the full BBC Story here:


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