Bury Parks Now at centre of new Sex abuse claims: 33 Legal News

Once again we are saddened to read in the news that there is now an investigation into the grooming of children in local parks in the Bury area

.The story, linked below for you to read in full, details how Sexual abuse on a large scale in the area is being investigated. The Manchester Evening news uncovered this story and according to them:

“The investigation was launched in June 2017 and involves the multi-agency Phoenix CSE team, which links criminal justice with public sector organisations.”

Initially nine children have been identified as potential victims, and here at 33 Legal our hearts can’t help but go out to them and the horrors that have been experienced.

And that is exactly what this sort of abuse is- a horror. So for people who have been through this we can only say that through our years of experience we have witnessed and supported people who have been involved in similar circumstances.  We have guided and advised and ultimately fought for the compensation that some of the people we work with had no idea initially that they were entitled to.

What the brave people we have worked with have done is come forward, receive support on a medical and judicial level, and then moved forward with their lives by taking the step to support their future by claiming compensation.

This is not to make it sound easy. But with the support here at 33 Legal and a full confidential service that we provide we can guarantee you will be on the right path by contacting us.

Full Story here:


If you have been affected, don’t hesitate in calling us on 01772 958 006 or Visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and connect with us to keep up to date with the latest news.



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