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Through our connections here at 33 Legal we have been introduced to Alec and his story, one he is sharing over on his blog.

In this article we have inserted an exert from one of Alec’s experiences and we encourage you to follow the links and continue to read his other blog posts. Whether you have gone through an incident of hate crime or if you simply want to broaden your horizons and learn more about hate crimes and follow life experiences of dealing with such incidents.

Many people who go through incidents of hate crime often feel like they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. This is not the case and we feel that people sharing their experiences and having organisations such as After Hate around is a great medium for people to share and potentially find a service through After Hate that could potentially save a person’s life and/or help deal with the after effects of going through such a traumatic time.Below is a short exert from the article:

“In London, my stammer was a problem when we went to the cinema. We took my cousins to see Coco – the new Disney film, which I think the children were looking forward to more than us!

I was mortified at the time and am now quite angry when I look back at what took place. When I was asked if I would like anything to eat/drink my words got stuck. I had it pre-planned in my head what I wanted to say – “A large sweet popcorn and Coke please” although this did not come. I got myself all flustered and worked up and heavily stuttered on the word ‘sweet’.

To my surprise, the woman behind the counter started to mimic my speech. I didn’t know what to do, so I continued trying to push the word out as my Mum was unsure on what I wanted to say. In hindsight we should have made a complaint and we will possibly still do so.”

To read more and continue to follow Alec and his story then we urge you to head over to

If you require help or any information about an incident you may have gone through or for more information regarding hate crime then please head over to

You are not alone.

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