Andrew Doyle: A day in the life of our MD

Next in the series we are running getting to know the people behind our firm is a day in the life of our MD Andrew.

Andrew has over 20 years experience within the legal profession and enjoys weekend breaks away. He is also a huge fan of Preston North End Football club and can be found attending all of their matches. Here he shares what an average day looks like……

9-10am: Emails

You will generally find me first thing dealing with all the correspondence and reacting to messages. I am available 24/7 for the people I work with and regularly take calls outside of traditional office hours due to the sensitive nature of the cases I deal with, but like to set myself time aside for admin in a morning.

10-12am: Preparation and Meetings

For the next couple of hours, I will be preparing for a CICA tribunal that afternoon and also having a meeting with our marketing team regarding our social media strategy. I will assist them in setting budgets and creating content people can engage with and make sure our message and personal touch approach reaches the people we can truly help. Receiving messages through the various social media accounts and seeing how people are interacting with us and getting on board with the various charities we support is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. That coupled with the sense of job well done when we see someone who has suffered and we have helped them receive thousands of pounds in compensation. This really acts as a jumpstart in moving forward for them and that’s great to witness.

12 -1 Lunch

Before a tribunal I will normally head over to Manchester and grab some lunch and meet with the client to prepare them. Normally something quite healthy like a pasta salad if anyone is interested!

On a side note I do normally prepare my clients the week before any tribunal so they know exactly what to expect and who will be there. I do this as I appreciate many of the people I work with have been extremely brave in coming forward and discussing their suffering in the first place

1-4: Tribunal

During the whole process of claiming compensation I will hold my clients hand. We do not pass them off never to be seen again. I look after them and deal with the claim so they don’t have to. All we ask is for a few bits of key information and I can deal with the rest.

This is beneficial as you have someone with over 20 year’s experience in the industry lending an understanding ear to your story and then doing the legwork. I can use my expertise to ensure that anyone who has suffered gets the best result and the compensation they deserve. I have had a vast range of cases that I have taken on over the years and specialise in Sexual abuse cases, whether that is an historic offence when someone was a child regardless of gender. Male rape has hit the headlines recently with the David Platt storyline on Coronation Street and it is definitely something I have come across in my career. I understand rape does not discriminate against gender, which is why we can help anybody in need, whether male or female.


After a long day, time to head back to Preston and go to the pub!

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