Amar: A Profile

Our newest member of the team is Amar, we thought it was his turn to be put under the spotlight. Here we have a profile of the man himself, just don’t ask him to go on a city break…….

  • Age: 31
  • Lives in:
  • Education:
    BSC Hons Degree in Business Information Technology
  • Experience:
    Started off in Sales after University and progressed into Team Leader which I did for 5 years.
    – I am an experienced Manager within the sales, insurance and legal sector.
    – Performance Manager in a law firm which included Business Development with external companies, building relationships with relevant companies, staff management, monitoring performance levels as well as being part of growth and expansion within the business.
  • My Role:
    Business Development Manager – 33 Legal
    – I am responsible for looking after the company’s commercial interests. I use networking tools to build new relationships, whilst also being responsible for visiting and meeting external companies. This means we can signpost to relevant services and deliver any extra support that may be required.
  • Likes:


Going to gigs

Playing Guitar

Visiting hot countries


Travelling and being on the road

  • Dislikes


City Breaks

Amar has had a flying start with us and we will be keeping you up to date with the events he attends and meetings you need to know about!

Also, stay tuned to meet our social media team- the people behind the post!

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