Attending Blackpool Pride

On Saturday 9th June, we attended Blackpool pride along with one of the community groups we work very closely with, AfterHate.

They have a 6 step process that anybody who has been the victim of a hate crime can follow. They (and we) appreciate that that having a helping hand and guidance is a necessity in a situation that can cause shock, hurt, anger and much more.

So here at 33 Legal we are here as step 4 of that 6 step process to raise awareness of a little known Government Organisation call the CICA (Criminal Injury Compensation Authority). They are set up to compensate anyone who has been the victim of a mental or physical injury in England, Scotland and Wales. As legal experts with over 20 years experience we can provide our expertise to ensure that you as the person who has suffered gets the award they deserve.

With all of this in mind we decided to join forces and attend Blackpool pride to tackle the 78% rise in hate crime against the LGBT community since 2013*. Our stall drew lots of attention and encouraged people to come forward with their stories and experiences. It was also great to connect with other organisations and charities that we can all work together with to raise further awareness, and of course it was great to get involved in the day itself and check out the performances on the main stage that were fantastic.

If you have been affected by a hate crime, violent or sexual crime then please get in touch with us on 01772 958 006 and quote “HATE” or contact us through our contact us page on this website. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for all the latest update and to find out more about the rest of the Prides we are visiting up and down the UK.

If you would also like to know more about AfterHate by clicking here.





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