Behind The Scenes: Our Social Media

There is no doubt that Social Media has changed the face of the way in which we all go about our daily lives, do business, and interact with our loved ones.

With that in mind, we are giving you a behind the scenes with our in house Social Media expert, Carey.

Working on online campaigns to help grow awareness and spread the word, Carey creates posts, such as this blog and gathers content. Also as part of our social media work, we use our platform for good, to spread the word of charities and organisations close to our heart that really benefit from having their message heard.

An average day can involve meetings with charities in London, covering events we attend such as Blackpool Pride (see earlier blog post here) but then there is also the office work and campaign creation we mentioned earlier.

This is Carey’s statement about working with our social media:

“Working on the social media for 33 Legal is both rewarding and interesting. It is rewarding because of the way in which your work gets the message out there and encourages people to come forward. That is a really powerful thing to know that something you have written can make someone feel comfortable enough to share their story. It is also interesting because I am always keen to develop my social media skills to then use this to the benefit of the people we help and work with.”

The content Carey works on is designed to provide valuable information to people who need it most and may find some guidance in their hour of need. What is also does is let people know who and where we are, as we often receive messages because of our social media work with people telling us of their experiences, so we really do want to create that online space where people feel comfortable opening up.

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