Accident at work

Have you had an accident at work?

 Accidents in the workplace can be common and exactly that – an accident.

 But what happens if that accident was avoidable?

 What if that health and safety training had been delivered that could have potentially stopped you from doing permanent damage to your back?

That is just one of many examples of instances where that workplace accident was avoidable.

Here at 33 Legal we lend an understanding ear to help get to the bottom of your claim to reach a suitable result. It can be a difficult time if an injury is sustained due to loss of earnings and the inconvenience of the injury itself, this is where we can help.

 If you have been subject to an object falling from overhead or improper working practices, then making a claim could be an option.

The amount the claim would be worth would be dependent upon the severity of the injury and the impact of this upon your life. Check with our new compensation calculator if your claim is eligible.

 Protect yourself and supporting your claim

Here at 33 Legal there are a few things we can recommend that will cover you so that you have the best support for your accident at work claim. Where possible we recommend that you make sure it has been reported and recorded appropriately at your workplace.

·         Pictures of any injuries sustained

·         Any further documentation to support your claim such as evidence of loss of earnings and medical notes or note down doctors’ visits etc

Even if you don’t think you could be eligible, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our supportive team who can help with your claim if you have had an accident at work.

Call us on 01772 958 006 or message us on our various social media links found at the bottom of the page.