Compensation Calculator

Here you will find all the details including the reward you will receive regarding the various injuries and traumas you may have suffered. If you do not see your injury or illness listed then head over to our live chat function and one of our media team will be on hand to help in disclosing a figure. If you would like to speak to one of our legal specialists urgently then do not hesitate to call us on 01772 958 006.

Head/Facial Injury: £1,940 – £354,260
Head or Facial injury can occur if, for example, your head or face hits a window of the car you were in or strikes the steering wheel.
The amount of compensation you will receive is dependant upon several factors. The award could be higher for women than men if there has been scarring to the face. Similarly, for younger people the compensation they receive will be greater than someone who is older, with the severity of the scarring also taken into consideration.
Any photographic evidence of the scarring in its healed state will also be required.

Neck/Whiplash Injury: £2,150 – £130,060
Incidents where Neck or Whiplash injuries occur generally when another driver’s vehicle hits the rear of your vehicle and causes your head to jerk backwards and forwards by the impact. From this the shoulder area, upper and lower back can be affected.

Elbow/Arm/Shoulder Injury: £2,150 – £263,060
Elbow injuries and wrist injuries can be caused as a result of a trip or fall, for example where you put your hand out to break your fall. Also arm injuries can be caused by an accident at work, for example where you are lifting heavy weights without adequate equipment or training.

Hand/Wrist Injury: £1,930 – £176,660
There are many instances where a hand or wrist injury may occur, such as slip, trip and falls or accidents at work such as injury due to machinery. These types of incidents usually result in cuts, bruises and fractures.
Injury to the fingers is also very painful and can lead to a substantial award, particularly if the thumb or index finger are involved and if you are left with a permanent disability or restricted use of your hand.

Hip Injury: £3,460 – £114,810
Hip injuries can be caused by a number of factors including a fracture, a bruised hip socket, etc. Hip injuries can occur following a trip, slip or fall and may happen, if for example, you slip on a substance spilled in a supermarket and not sufficiently cleaned up. The amount of compensation will differ depending upon the severity of the injury, and whether you are left with permanent disability or restricted movement.

Back Injury: £2,150 – £141,150
If equipment happened to fall on you in the workplace and had not been properly secured, then this is just one of many instances where a back injury may leave you with anything from a sprain or strain to a fracture.
Again back injuries may also be obtained in road traffic accidents or even lifting heavy boxes or weights without the correct training.

Ankle/Foot Injury: £4,820 – £176,660
Wherever you may be, in the workplace, public footpath or supermarket, a slip trip or fall could happen, leaving you with an Ankle or Foot injury. Depending on the severity of the injury and scale of the disability cause by the accident with determine how much is awarded.

Knee Injury: £5,250 – £84,360
When ligaments twist or turn knee injuries can be sustained which can lead to knee replacements. This then has an effect on your earnings as time will have to be taken off for the operation. As well as this there may also be a place to claim if care and assistance is required from friends and family following the incident.

Other Injuries:

There are a number of other injuries that can be compensated for but which are not shown on the diagram. They include:

1. Scarring/Burns: £2,080 – £91,910

Should you obtain a cut or burn that has left you with scars then you could be entitled to compensation. The location of the scarring on your body, the size of the scar and how self-conscious you feel about the scar are all factors to determine how much you might receive. Photographs of the scarring would be essential in order to assess the level of any award. 

If for example you are burned with a hot liquid at work or you work in catering and suffer a burn from inadequate gloves or personal protective equipment you will have a claim. It is recognised that burns are particularly painful and the severity of the burn and the area of the burn will be factors to determine how much you may receive.

3. PTSD or other psychological injury: £1,350 – £131,620

It is not unusual, after you have had a road traffic accident for example, to be nervous about driving or being a passenger in a vehicle. Symptoms of a more serious nature may include nightmares where you relive the accident, flashbacks where you relive the accident and depression. If you think that you may be suffering any of these symptoms then please let us have the details and we will acquire a report from a clinical psychologist to evaluate how much you should receive for your injury.

4. Disease: £1,930 – £119,210

Being exposed to hazardous materials while at work and contracting a disease from that incident such as asbestos is just one example of a reason you would be entitled to receive compensation. You can claim for dermatitis if you can prove the direct link that it was caused by contact with a substance hazardous to your health. Employers are legally obliged to comply with regulations dealing with hazardous materials.

5. Damage to your senses – hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell: £1,930 – £354,260

You can be compensated if you have you have you suffer hearing loss for example as a result of noisy environment, or you suffer a loss of sight following injury to one or both eyes. Compensation could be due as your other senses are affected whether temporarily or permanently.

6. Paraplegia/Quadriplegia: £192,090 – £354,260

Among the more serious of potential injuries is if you suffer damage to your spinal column and are paralysed and cannot use your arms or legs. Compensation would be due for an injury of this nature because sustaining such an injury you will mean considerable care and assistance, modifications to your home to assist you and specialist equipment such as a wheelchair and hoists and an adapted vehicle.