Criminal Injury

Have you been the victim of a criminal injury?

Be rewarded with criminal injury compensation today by claiming with 33 Legal.

You may be eligible for compensation if you have suffered physical and/or mental trauma due to a violent crime.

At 33 Legal we understand that talking about your criminal injury may be daunting, which is why our team of highly trained specialists are here to make this process as painless and seamless as possible, whilst guaranteeing complete confidentiality throughout the claim process.

Who is eligible for criminal injury compensation?

Criminal injury compensation is given out in cases that involve physical and/or psychological trauma. This includes but not limited to, cases that have resulted in a physical injury, however cases that involve mental trauma such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other psychological damage which may occur after an attack or the result of witnessing an attack take place.

Criminal injury compensation is given on cases that include but not limited to the following;

  • Physical attack (domestic violence)
  • Psychological damage
  • Sexual assault
  • Deliberate vehicle collision incidents

Psychological trauma

You maybe eligible for compensation due to the after effects of a criminal injury which results in psychological trauma. These claims are to be verified and supported by diagnosis and documentation from a psychiatrist or psychologist that supports your case with a minimum of six weeks of your condition.

If you’re a witness of a violent crime you may be eligible for compensation depending on the relationship between yourself and the victim.

Compensation time limit for criminal injury claims

Criminal injury claims must be within a two-year limit from the date of the incident taken place however, this may differ depending on the age of the victim and if the victim was a child when the injury took place. Each claim is different and therefore there are exceptional circumstances depending on the nature of your claim.

One of our legal specialists are available to contact for all questions and information you may require when deciding to make a claim and will be happy to assist in any way they can. They can be contacted on 01772 958006 or by filling in the claims form on the homepage or contacts section.

Other information

The incident must have been reported to the police and the applicant must have fully cooperated with the authorities throughout the process, this includes giving statements, attending court dates and any statements given are not then retracted, as this may conflict your claim and therefore you may not be eligible for compensation. However, if you’re unsure whether you can claim, do get in touch, we are happy to assist in every way we can.