Road Traffic Accident

YOU could be entitled to make a personal injury claim today…

 If, through no fault of your own you have suffered an injury in a road accident, you could be entitled to road traffic accident compensation. 33 Legal can help you claim the compensation you deserve, whether you have suffered from Whiplash or something more serious.

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 What defines a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

Incidents on the motorways and road networks are the biggest reason people need to make a Road Traffic Accident claim. If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault then you could make a compensation claim.

Whether you have been injured as a passenger or a driver, in your vehicle or someone else’s’ you can still make a claim if you are not at fault. Do also bear in mind when using the term vehicle in relation to a road traffic accident that this covers the full spectrum from Coaches, private hire vehicles, vans lorries and much more.

As part of our services we also support and act for people who have been involved in Road Traffic accidents that may have been on a bike or on foot and have been injured through no fault of their own.

 Who is eligible for a Road Traffic Accident claim?

 ·         Fatal Circumstances out of your control could mean bearing witness to an extreme event whilst on the roads. This is a mental impact upon the driver and the passengers involved which may result in being eligible to make a claim

·         Other motorists or situations external to the drivers actions such as another driver changing lanes without fair warning, not braking in time are just a couple of examples as to why a personal injury claim might be required.

·         Poor Road surfaces are another main issue drivers face when out on the roads. If an accident has occurred because of this, then it needs to be questioned if there is a local council or private owner who is liable and is due to pay compensation for a personal injury sustained.

·         If you feel you have been in an accident on the roads through no faulty of you own, take the first steps and find out off our experts if you can claim compensation you could so rightly deserve.

 Protect yourself and support your claim

 Here at 33 Legal there are a few things we can recommend that will cover you so that you have the best support for your claim. Where possible we recommend that you acquire:

 ·         3rd Party details (Minimum Car Registration)

·         3rd Party Insurer details

·         Pictures of Damage to your car

·         Pictures of any injuries sustained

·         Any further documentation to support your claim such as evidence of loss of earnings and medical notes or note down doctors’ visits etc.

 Suffering from injuries such as whiplash, facial abrasions, broken bones to more serious afflictions such as internal injuries and head and brain impacts can mean that you are entitled to compensation. The amount you will receive is dependent upon the nature and severity of the injury inflicted due to the accident.

 Unsure of whether you have a claim? Want to know how much your claim could be worth? Try our new calculator to find out how much your claim is worth TODAY.