Sexual Abuse


Sexual Abuse

 For many of our clients, the first time they have taken the brave step to discuss what they have been through is when they contact us. This means the confidentiality we provide offers a safe place to talk through your sexual abuse claim. It means an independent experience with our friendly experts here at 33 legal offering privacy you may require should you not wish to involve Family or Friends.

 We are here to support and offer guidance when a conflict of emotions may mean certain coping strategies have been adopted. We appreciate that taking the leap to discuss the abuse and looking into claiming can seem a step, which is why we ensure that every case is treated with the upmost care throughout every part of the process.

 Should you require, we can even connect you with ongoing services you may require making sure you get the maximum support you deserve.

 When an instance of abuse has occurred, there can be hurdles to overcome in term of the coping strategies mentioned earlier. Feeling worthy can be a factor in the though process that hold people back from making a claim they could be so rightly entitled to.

 Sometimes, there can be an element of fear for many different reasons that may prevent someone who has suffered from coming forward to look into a sexual abuse claim. At 33 legal we are here to help you see past the coping strategies to get to a point where you can investigate claiming exactly what you deserve.

Non Physical Sexual Abuse

While each instance is unique, this means there are a spectrum of situations that may class as sexual abuse. We also cover non physical sexual abuse such as intimidation and stalking as well as online sexual harassment for example. There may also be instances where there has been pressure to take drink and drugs.

 If you have experienced and been affected by abuse then get in touch with our friendly specialists who can help you make you claim.

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